Recruit Your Friends and Family to Win!

We encourage you to share your volunteer experience with family, friends, and coworkers who you think would be great Tournament volunteers! Any registered and paid 2021 Volunteer who refers a “New Volunteer” as defined below, will be entered in our monthly raffle! 

Any New Volunteer Referrals must enter Your Name in the “Refer A Friend” text box upon registration to confirm you as the referring party and must pay for their registration online.

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How It Works:

Your name will be entered one (1) time for every one (1) “New Volunteer” referred during the time frames below.

  • September: Free Volunteer Registration (Basic Package) + One (1) Additional Tournament Polo
  • October: $50 Costco Gift Card
  • November: $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • December: $50 Target Gift Card
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What Is a “New Volunteer?”

A “New Volunteer” is considered someone who did not volunteer during the 2020 Tournament.